21 March – Official Launch of the XII St. Petersburg International Educational Forum

21 March – Official Launch of the XII St. Petersburg International Educational Forum

21 March 2022
The official opening of the XII St. Petersburg International Educational Forum took place on 21 March at 12:00.

The event was broadcast on the Forum website: https://www.eduforum.spb.ru.

Over 300 events at 278 venues will take place within the framework of the XII St. Petersburg International Educational Forum from 17 to 30 March. Over 650 educational institutions of St. Petersburg will present their best educational practices and teaching experience. The forum will include seminars, conferences, creative laboratories, tours, workshops and round table discussions online, offline and in a blended format.

The Forum programme touches upon a wide range of burning issues in education. There are 10 thematic tracks: Information Technology, Research and Innovation, Quality of Education, Lifelong Learning, Profession, Upbring. Mentorship. Culture, Beyond the Lesson, Educational Management, Inclusive Education, Special Events.

This year St. Petersburg will hold the National Educational Forum of School Teams for the first time. The participants will share their experience and try to answer to the question "How can the well-being of a school be improved?".

National conference with international participation "Information Technology for the New School" will take place for the 13th time. The main thematic areas of the conference are "Digitalisation of Education, Upbringing and Management" and "Assessing the Quality of Education".

The Herzen University will hold Days of Science and Practice and a Fair of Pedagogical Ideas where the participants will discuss research, innovation and the development of the modern education.

A wide range of events will be dedicated to teachers' professional development and lifelong learning. The forum participants will also talk about strategies and methods of managing teachers' professional development in the era of digital transformation.

Digital education centres for children will present their experience. These centres are supported in St. Petersburg within the framework of the national project "Education".

The following issues will be discussed within the framework of the Forum as well: career guidance for school students, skills in demand in the 21st century; upbringing and mentorship; development of supplementary and preschool education; educational management and inclusive practices and many other important aspects of the modern education development.

St. Petersburg International Educational Forum is a unique and effective communication platform that annually brings together a wide range of professionals in education and related fields.

In 2017 St. Petersburg Educational Forum became international. This year, despite the difficult geopolitical situation, the events with international participation will be held.

The Forum programme can be found on the official website.