Academy of Digital Technologies will Present the "Educational Firm" Technology

Academy of Digital Technologies will Present the "Educational Firm" Technology

13 March 2022
At the XII St. Petersburg International Educational Forum, the Academy of Digital Technologies will present the "Educational Firm" technology — one of the most effective methods of teaching entrepreneurship and financial literacy to young people. This blended event will be held on 25 March and will incorporate two parts.

The scientific and practical conference will be attended by teachers from various educational institutions of St. Petersburg, other regions of Russia and Belarus.

At the plenary session the advantages of using the "Educational Firm" Technology in supplementary education as well as in project, class and extracurricular activities will be discussed. The issues devoted to the formation of the flexible competencies and students' initial professional skills within an educational firm will be considered as well.

Participants of the VIII Regional Fair of Educational Firms Network "Learning by Doing!" will be able to discover students' work in educational firms, assess the level of entrepreneurial skills acquired, as well as the degree of practical mastery of their professional and key competencies: communicative, social, informational ones. Both conference visitors and students studying in educational institutions can participate in the event.

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