At the All-Russian meeting, St. Petersburg presented the experience in creating a motivating learning environment

26 March 2021

The All-Russian meeting of regional coordinators of the "Modern School" project is taking place in St. Petersburg within the framework of the XI St. Petersburg International Educational Forum. It was opened on March 25 by Sergey Kozhevnikov, director of the Academy of the Ministry of Education of Russia in the Kvantorium children's technology park. The St. Petersburg Kvantorium hosted plenary, panel and strategic sessions. On March 26, the programme of the meeting is being continued on the basis of School No. 619.

At the plenary session in the Kvantorium, the participants discussed the creation of "Point of Growth" centres and Kvantorium children's technology parks to improve the quality of general education.

During the panel session, Valeria Zotova, director of the Centre for the Development of Creativity, Scientific and Technical Initiatives of Children and Youth of the Kalininsky district, shared the work experience of the first Kvantorium children's technology park in St. Petersburg. She told about the interaction of general education institutions and organizations of supplementary education using the Kvantorium children's technology park as an example. The main topics of the panel session were educational infrastructure, staffing and updating the education content to improve the training quality of students of general education institutions.

The strategic session provided an opportunity for the meeting participants to discuss current work issues and share successful practices. Special attention was paid to the issue how "Kvantorium" school technology parks and the "Point of Growth" centres can help improve the quality of general education. Participants were able to adjust their activities in accordance with the updated national project "Education", learned more about the unified system of methodological support for teachers.

The second day of the All-Russian meeting focused on the integrated technological model as a condition for the motivational learning environment and network interaction for the formation of digital learning skills among students. Valery Volkov, head of the Education Development Department of the Education Committee delivered a report "The education system of St. Petersburg: yesterday, today, tomorrow" within the framework of the thematic sessions. Natalia Gubkova, chief specialist of the Education Development Department of the Education Committee, told about the establishment of regional centres for digital education of children in St. Petersburg.

The All-Russian meeting is attended by 140 people from 82 regions of the Russian Federation. The organizer of the event is the Academy of the Ministry of Education of Russia with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Education Committee of St. Petersburg.