Cooperation of Adults Involved in Education will be Discussed by Professionals Working with Children at an Early Age

Cooperation of Adults Involved in Education will be Discussed by Professionals Working with Children at an Early Age

22 March 2022
The conference "Parents, Teachers and a Young Child: Cooperation, Assistance, Creative Collaboration" held on 23.03.22 will cover the issues of effective interaction between teachers and parents. The event is organised by the specialists from the Kindergarten No. 43 and School No. 12 with advanced study of English, Vasileostrovsky District, St. Petersburg, for educators of early age groups, senior kindergarten teachers, methodologists, heads of preschool educational institutions, students of pedagogical colleges and universities.

The conference will address the interaction among those involved in educational process in preschool educational institutions for children at an early age (from 1 to 3 years old) as well as the extensive research on knowledge deficit of parents and children's legal representatives concerning education, upbringing and development of children this age. The best practices of virtual support for teachers of early age groups and parents, including those providing family preschool education will be presented.

"An adult should play the leading role. This is the basic rule. It should be regarded as the main factor and condition of the child's development. An adult gives warmth and affection, the information that a baby needs for development," said Evgenia Kudelina, a participant of the conference, Ph. D. in Education, lecturer at the Institute of Secondary Vocational Education named after K.D. Ushinsky.

As a creative platform the conference will promote sharing of experience and ideas between the leaders of St. Petersburg and Moscow pedagogical schools. The organisers have also developed such networking tools as an online survey and a special social network.

"The development of an effective system of interaction and cooperation between teachers and parents is a very complex, important and relevant topic with many aspects that require detailed study. It is for a comprehensive discussion that we bring managers, professionals, researchers and practicians together in order to develop recommendations for the entire preschool education community based on constructive discussion and exchange of views," said Anna Petrova, a conference organiser, senior kindergarten teacher, Kindergarten No. 43, the Vasileostrovsky District, St. Petersburg.