Foreign experts will present international experience in the development of educational systems at the St. Petersburg Educational Forum

23 March 2021

The opening of the XI St. Petersburg International Educational Forum was held online. The ceremony was broadcast from the Media Arts Centre, Academy of Talents on the forum's website. The participants were welcomed by Natalia Putilovskaya, Chair of the Education Committee.

"This year, the forum is being held in special format, in view of the current epidemic situation. We hold it in a mixed format: both online and offline. About 300 events will take place at the sites of educational institutions. Our teachers will be able to participate in discussions, share their experience and see what interesting things have been prepared by colleagues from other institutions," said Natalia Putilovskaya.

The Chair of the Education committee invited young residents of St. Petersburg to take part in the pilot project of professional tests "ProfStart", which was designed to help young people to make a conscious career choice and create an individual learning route. For this purpose, the work of four clusters will be organized on the base of the multimedia historical park "Russia – My History". They are "Open City", "Comfortable City", "Smart City" and "Social City". The programme of each cluster was formed with the participation of the leading universities, industrial enterprises, corporations and scientific organizations - partners of the Government of St. Petersburg.

In the coming days, representatives of organizations from the fields of industry, culture and science will share their views on modern education with teachers at the forum's sites. Foreign experts from Austria, Armenia, Angola, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, China, Korea, Montenegro, Japan and other countries will present their experience in the development of educational systems. The video messages of foreign partners that were delivered during the opening ceremony have been posted in a special section of the Forum's website.

A special project "Smart City" is another innovation of the programme in 2021. St. Petersburg will demonstrate the wide educational opportunities of the urban environment – in collaboration with the Mariinsky Theatre, the Russian Museum, the Russian National Library, the Lenreserv, the Hyundai Plant and other organizations of the city. Videos of the project will be made throughout 2021, afterwards they will be added to the corresponding section of the website.

The video of the opening ceremony is posted in the "Archive" section of the Forum's website.