Participants of the tracking session discussed topical issues of supplementary education

29 March 2021
On March 25-26, within the framework of the XI St. Petersburg International Educational Forum, tracking session Supplementary Education: Startups for the Future was held.

The plenary session with the participation of representatives of higher education and business structures was held on March 25 in a blended format at the Saint-Petersburg State Palace of Youth Creativity. Then the programme of the first day of the session continued online with the work of three interactive track platforms: "Educational Communities"; "Programmatic Transformation"; "Digital Learning: a Matrix of Opportunities".

On March 26, the tracking session has continued its work in the format of presentation platforms on the basis of three institutions of supplementary education: Saint-Petersburg State Palace of Youth Creativity, Palace for Children's and Youth Creativity of the Frunzensky district and the "Akademichesky" Centre for Extracurricular Activities of the Kalininsky district, St. Petersburg.

At the presentation platforms, the participants discussed strategic issues of the development of supplementary education, considered ways and ideas for the development of humanitarian and technical education of children, and presented their own findings and achievements.

More than 800 people participated in the tracking session, and its activities have maintained a keen interest of a wide range of specialists in supplementary and general education, universities, and the business community and received positive feedback.