Special community founding to attract schoolchildren to NTI projects was discussed in St. Petersburg

30 March 2021

Talented students, interested representatives of universities, teachers and business establishments– is it possible to unite them around the ideas of the National Technological Initiative (NTI) and how it can be implemented quickly and effectively. This was discussed on March 26 at the design session at the Academy of Digital Technologies within the framework of the XI St. Petersburg International Educational Forum.

The purpose of the meeting was to gather opinions on the needs and capacities of all those interested in the development of the school scientific and technological community of St. Petersburg. The city already has examples of cooperation between different industries. For example, "Advanced Production Technologies" - profiles development for the NTI Study Movement Olympiad (organizers: Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, "Computational Mechanics" laboratory, "TECHNET" association) and "Flying Robotics" (Academy of Digital Technologies", "Copter Technology"), as well as a special project "Science journalism" (Academy of Digital Technologies and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University).

"In my experience, such initiatives never work in the strongly centralized system and rigid will," says Lyudmila Vitkevich, head of the project office of the NTI Study Movement Olympiad. "The best projects are implemented where schools, universities, companies, and the government are actively involved in the development of NTI."

For several hours, the participants of the session were looking for ways to build an effective scientific and technological community with the help of moderators from the Center of Scientific and Technological Foresight of the ITMO University. The result of the work was the presentation of the main ideas of the group.

Students, including participants of the NTI Olympiads, spoke about the role of the school in promoting practice-oriented Olympiads and competitions. They stated that they would be interested in interning in technology companies right now, without waiting for graduation. Representatives of business companies expressed their willingness to conduct such internships, but at the same time stressed that they need clear rules and NTI projects guidance to enter the community.

The presentations of each session group were commented by the experts – representatives of the NTI Study Movement Olympiad, the Education Committee of St. Petersburg, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and others. The meeting concluded that the next phase is to ensure communication between all stakeholders and develop a work plan.

For reference

The National Technological Initiative is a programme of global technical development of the country until 2035. This is a cross-age community that should cause the emergence of competent professionals in various industries. Team Olympiads of the NTI Study Movement are held within the framework of the project. The winners of the Olympiads get bonuses when entering the university.