Teachers and experts of St. Petersburg discussed the quality of education

25 March 2021

On March 23, the premiere of the video session "Education for the Quality of Life" took place on the website, specially prepared for the XI St. Petersburg International Educational Forum.

The key objective for Russian education is to provide affordable and high-quality education. Therefore, teaching and managerial approaches are being rapidly transformed. There is no doubt that an education that allows a person to work successfully and ensure a decent quality of life can be considered as a high-quality education, as it gives tangible social effects.

Teachers of St. Petersburg and experts will exchange views on the relationship between the child's education and the quality of his future life, as well as on the role of a modern teacher in ensuring the quality of education. The focus of the participants' attention was also aimed at identifying the features of the process of teaching children in a distance learning format.

The discussion was moderated by Konstantin Eduardovich Tkhostov, Director of Lyceum No. 369, Chairman of the Association of Young Teachers of Russia in St. Petersburg, Deputy of the Municipal Council of the municipal formation "Yugo‑Zapad", Honorary Worker of General Education of the Russian Federation.

The speakers were the heads and teachers of educational institutions of St. Petersburg:

  • Ingrid Valerievna Pildes, Director of the Academy of Talents of St. Petersburg, PhD in Pedagogy, expert of the professional competition "Teacher of the Future»;
  • Marina Aleksandrovna Zezkova, Deputy Director for educational work of gymnasium No. 171 of the Tsentralny district of Saint Petersburg, winner of the All-Russian competition "Teacher of the Year of Russia-2019»;
  • Ivan Andreevich Menshikov, mathematics teacher of Gymnasium No. 166 of the Tsentralny District of St. Petersburg, winner of the All-Russian competition " Teacher of the Year of Russia-2020»;
  • Ilya Sergeevich Semenov, teacher of history and social studies at School No. 619 of the Kalininsky district of Saint Petersburg, Master of International Law, winner of the competition "Best Teacher of the Russian Federation" within the framework of the priority national project "Education";
  • Oleg Vadimovich Renev, teacher of mathematics of the St. Petersburg Physical and Mathematical Lyceum No. 30, deputy chairman of the regional subject commission of the Unified State Exam in Mathematics, winner of the competition of pedagogical achievements of St. Petersburg in the category "Teacher of the Year" (2018);
  • Alexey Andreevich Romanchuk, Supplementary education teacher, Children's Marine Centre "Young Sailor" of the Kronshtadtsky district, St. Petersburg, winner of the All-Russian competition "Pedagogical debut-2016".

There will be organized a chat on the Forum's website for 8 hours after the video session to give the possibility for discussion. The participants' questions will be used during special discussion in April 2021.