The educational forum "By Youth, For Youth" has ended in St. Petersburg

24 March 2021

The VII All-Russian Forum with international participation "By Youth, For Youth", which was held online within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Educational Forum in the period from February 26 to March 23 has come to an end. The theme of the 2021 forum is "The Future in the Present: Wait or Act?"

The Forum is organized by the St. Petersburg Education Committee, the Administration of the Kalininsky District of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, School No. 619 of the Kalininsky District of St. Petersburg, Russian State Pedagogical University after A. I. Herzen, the Institute of Pedagogy of St. Petersburg State University, the Center for regional and international cooperation, the Academy of Talents, St. Petersburg.

Despite the remote format, the forum has become a large-scale, effective interactive platform for the exchange of experience, communication and cooperation. Over a thousand high school students, young teachers, heads of educational institutions, representatives of science and public from 30 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as from Bulgaria, Armenia and Estonia took part in the events of the forum.

The plenary session, which concluded the forum, was held in a mixed format – face-to-face and online. Everyone concerned could tap the webcast throughout the world.

The participants and guests received a video greeting from Irina Potekhina, the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg. Vasily Ponidelko, the head of the administration of the Kalininsky District of St. Petersburg, Andrey Borshchevsky, the Deputy Chairman of the Education Committee, and Irina Baykova, the director of school No. 619 addressed the pedagogical community with welcoming speeches.

"I am absolutely convinced that the forum will continue to develop... Thanks to the Internet more specialists were able to participate in its work… We have lived a unique year when we had to look at our competencies in a slightly different way, to look at education in general from a different perspective… Answering the question asked in the forum theme – " wait or act?» ... Of course, act! We can't wait… We see how the world is changing dynamically, and we must prepare children for this," said Vasily Anatolyevich Ponidelko, head of the administration of the Kalininsky District.

Andrey Aleksandrovich Borshchevsky, the Deputy Chairman of the Education Committee noted that it is no accident that such an important educational event was taking place on the territory of the Kalininsky district and on the site of school No. 619.

"Last year, within the framework of the national project "Education", he Centre for Digital Education of Children "IT-cube" and "Kvantorium" were opened on the site of school No. 619. This and many other aspects suggest that the support of the pedagogical community by the district administration is yielding results. Our task is to ensure that new institutions and new structures are filled with content. I believe that the young teachers who are sharing their experience at the forum today will continue the areas of work and innovative activities that are very necessary for education," said Andrey Alexandrovich.

Director of School No. 619 – the main organizer of the forum "By Youth, For Youth" - Irina Grigoryevna Baykova expressed her gratitude to the co-organizers and partners of the forum. "Thanks to the cooperation of the outstanding educational institutions of our city, that was such a bright educational event," she said.

On that day, many kind words, constructive feedback, warm greetings and thanks were expressed. There were held workshops of teachers – winners of All-Russian competitions. The events of the forum were recalled by a video.

The participants had a lively dialogue about the meaning of school education, which led to the new tasks formulation at the level of educational strategy designing, upgrading of social partnership models in regional education systems.

The participants adopted a resolution of the forum.

"...The forum presents us with new challenges and unique opportunities. Our ability to combine these two resources depends not only on the individual experience of each forum participant, but also on our overall result. In the history of the forum, such a result is always associated with new practices that appear in schools, with new ideas for the system of teacher training, with the development of "open" position of the school in relations with parents and social partners... The forum provided a wide opportunity for dialogue between representatives of the St. Petersburg school and educational institutions in the regions of Russia. It became a reflection of the serious work of educational institutions in implementing the state education policy...» - said in the resolution.

Final day broadcast of the forum "By Youth, For Youth".

The electronic forum booklet is available at the link, as well as on the site.

Photo: Center for Regional and International Cooperation, School No. 619.