The "Young Teachers – Innovative and talented" city competition was held in St. Petersburg

28 March 2021
Within the framework of the XI St. Petersburg International Educational Forum, the City competition "Young Teachers – Innovative and Talented" was held at the Lyceum No. 384 of the Kirovsky District of St. Petersburg.

The contestants were 10 young specialists – primary school teachers and subject teachers up to age 35 years, with up to 5 years of teaching experience – from general education institutions in 7 districts of St. Petersburg: Kalininsky, Vyborgsky, Kirovsky, Frunzensky, Kurortny, Moskovsky and Petrogradsky districts.

The jury included representatives of the Department of Pedagogy and Andragogy, St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, experienced teachers and methodologists of schools and methodological centres of St. Petersburg from the Nevsky, Vyborgsky, Kurortny, Kirovsky, Kronshtadtsky and Moskovsky districts.

The idea of a competition for young teachers was initiated by the Information and Methodological Centre of the Kirovsky district together with the Club of Young Teachers back in 2014. For 7 years, annually, during the spring break, young teachers of the district's schools demonstrated their talents.

In 2021, the competition became a city one and was held jointly with the Department of Pedagogy and Andragogy of the St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education in the walls of Lyceum No. 384 of the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg.

The aim of the competition is to identify the best pedagogical practices implemented by young specialists, to support talented and creative teachers.

The competition was opened by Y.V. Stupak, Head of the Education Department of the administration of the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg, V. Kuznetsova, Chair of the district Committee of the education workers' union, S. I. Khazova, Director of the Information and Methodological Centre of the Kirovsky district. They hoped that participation in the competition will provide each teacher confidence, will encourage them to search, develop and implement new pedagogical techniques, methods and technologies.

Young teachers have passed three challenges, where they presented master classes on the use of modern teaching methods and learning technologies, told about their hobbies, and participated in an open discussion where a number of ongoing issues concerning modern school and teachers were discussed.

The winner of the competition was the teacher of the lyceum No. 378 named after N. V. Belousov of the Kirovsky district A. K. Konstantinova, laureate – A. V. Petruk (school No. 525 of the Moskovsky district), diploma winners – A. K. Maksina (school No. 553 of the Frunzensky district), I. I. Cherednichenko (school No. 282 of the Kirovsky district) and R. V. Yegorov (gymnasium No. 159 of the Kalininsky district).

The event concluded with a solemn summing-up and awarding ceremony. The winners received diplomas, the rest of the participants and members of the jury were awarded letters of commendation.

The organizers and participants agreed to continue this cooperation. Such interaction will help to improve the development of a professional community of young teachers in all districts of St. Petersburg.