11:00 – 14:00 24 March
  • On-line

#Я_КЛАСС_РУК Modern Class Teacher: New Reality

Seminar. 1 day
General education

The Modern Class Teacher as a Guide in a Complex Multiple-Factor Real and Digital World. How to survive professional reboot, how to prevent professional burnout, not to refuse an important social role? We'll find the answers together.

The participants of the seminar will learn about the effective methods and educational technologies, have the possibility to master the necessary competencies for life and work in reality and digital space. Communication and experience sharing in an open teachers community will allow to run a constructive dialogue concerning different aspects of the class teacher's work without formalities: communication with children, interaction with parents, cooperation with colleagues. Focus on security in the digital environment.


Target audience

Class teachers, teachers of social and pedagogical support. Event with a limited number of places to visit (60 people)


School No. 567 of the Petrodvortsovy district


Peterhof, ul. Shakhmatova, 10, korp. 1A

Contact information

Inna Alekseevna Bityunikova

Deputy Director


+7 (812) 242-37-07

Anna Nikolaevna Alekseeva

Acting Deputy Director for Discipline

+7 (905) 255-57-09