11:00 – 13:00 23 March
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«Soft Skills: It All Starts in Childhood?...»

Interactive seminar. 1 day
Preschool education

The interactive seminar focuses on the issue of soft skills training for pre-school children (soft skills are necessary for every person in the modern world).

Effective practices and experience of kindergarten teachers aimed at developing creativity, critical thinking, cooperation and communication in five educational areas in accordance with the Federal State Education Standards for Pre-school Education will be presented at the seminar.

An interactive seminar will help each participant to engage in a discussion addressing various issues raised in the materials presented, express their opinions and choose the most appealing practices to include in their work.


Target audience

Pre-school teachers


Kindergarten No. 33 of the Kirovsky district


pr. Stachek, 192/2
m. «Avtovo»

Contact information

Marina Gennadievna Smolyakova

methodologist, Information and Methodological Centre of the Kirovsky district, of St. Petersburg


+7 (812) 753-79-37