11:00 – 15:00 25 March
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Day of a Teacher's Career: A Teacher is More Than a Profession

Social and educational event (interactive forms). 1 day
General education

Teacher career day is an interactive platform for career guidance and employment of students, graduates of pedagogical educational institutions and young teachers of St. Petersburg who are aimed at success in education.

During this event the participants will have an opportunity to discuss key issues of professional development of young teachers, identify the resources and trends of modern pedagogical education; take a new look at their profession; to learn where and how you can declare yourself as a professional in St. Petersburg; understand how to devote yourself to the profession you love; under the leadership of the best experts of St. Petersburg to explore rules of building successful education career.

The organizers will share the pedagogical discoveries, slightly reveal the everyday life of the teacher and discuss what inspires and excites young teachers today. The idea of the event involves the choice of a young specialist form of participation:

  1. Mastermind group work - 3 hours of group work. By choosing this format, you are immersed in the study of one professional problem and, under the guidance of a mentor, master the ways to solve it.
  2. Independently build your track on topics and speakers that are interesting to you: visit 3 workshops from practicing teachers, game technicians, scientists.
  3. After the training program, a meeting with a special guest is planned for all participants.


Target audience

Graduate students of pedagogical specialties; young specialists of preschool, general and professional education who want to take part in the program events of the «Day of a Teacher's Career»



St. Petersburg «Pedagogical college No. 8»


ul. Ivanovskaya, 16
m. «Lomonosovskaya»

Contact information

Anastasia Andreevna Arkhipova

Deputy Director for Innovative Development of St. Petersburg «State Pedagogical College No. 8»


+7 (960) 251-44-44