13:00 – 16:00 23 March
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Exploring and Inheriting

Seminar. 1 day
Supplementary education

The experience of studying folk culture in supplementary education institutions in the field of civil and patriotic, spiritual and moral education, research activities, its interpretation in teaching and children's creativity will be presented at the seminar.


  • Irina Stepanovna Popova, methodologist of the city educational and methodological association of teachers and leaders of folklore groups of St. Petersburg City Palace of Youth Creativity, associate professor of the Department of ethnomusicology of N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory, Ph. D. in Art History;
  • Natalia Vladimirovna Eremina, CPS, Associate Professor of the Department of Social and Pedagogical Education of St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education.
The lecture dedicated to the formation of Russian national identity and national self-identity at the stages of pre-school, primary and secondary education. The research experience of educational institutions, institutions of supplementary education, culture and youth policy in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region (reports and presentations of the seminar participants) will be presented.

There will also be held:
  • exhibition of methodological materials (programme of spiritual and moral education of students studying at the School of Russian traditional culture «Gornitsa», methodological development of activities and research, etc.);
  • presentation of gained experience in creating events and methodological developments for research activities of teachers and students of House of Children's Creativity «Sovremennik»;
  • workshops on decorative and applied arts in various techniques: weaving, beading, painting on wood, making traditional dolls, ceramics.
  • the main topic is «Soroki» folk festival and the arrival of migratory birds (skylarks); creative workshop «Traditional folk games and their application».


Target audience

Heads of educational institutions, deputy heads of educational institutions, methodologists, primary school teachers, pre-school teachers, researchers, representatives of executive bodies of state authority, etc.


House of Children’s Creativity «Sovremennik» of the Vyborgsky district


ul. Zheni Yegorovoy, 10, korp. 3, lit. A
m. «Prospekt Prosvescheniya»

Contact information

Vera Leonidovna Pavlova

Deputy Director for Scientific and Methodological Work


+7 (921) 304-02-71

Boris Anatolyevich Artemenko

Head of the Folklore and Ethnographic Department


+7 (906) 253-96-31

Natalya Aleksandrovna Belova



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