10:00 – 12:30 25 March
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Interdisciplinary Approach in the Modern Education System. Building Holistic Knowledge

Interactive seminar. 1 day
General education

The staff of the School No. 365 uses a unique innovative method of integrating all academic subjects, the basis of which is the teaching of L.S. Vygotsky on thinking and speech. The organizers provide an opportunity for the participants of the seminar to get acquainted with the system of techniques that form teachers form an integral worldview of the student.

During the seminar, a system of lessons for building holistic knowledge (in primary, basic and secondary schools) will be demonstrated. Participants will get acquainted with the experience of organizing the long-term activity of the creative group of teachers of various subjects named «New education», with the system of advanced training and continuous development of the creative skills of teachers.

The seminar program includes master classes using game forms, teachers' performances on the preparation and use of system tasks. The seminar is planned to be attended by teachers from different regions of Russia (Krasnodar Territory, Arkhangelsk region).


Target audience

Deputy heads of educational institutions, methodologists, teachers



School No. 365 of the Frunzensky district of St. Petersburg named after the Hero of the Soviet Union M.P. Krasnolutsky


ul. Budapeshtskaya, 93, lit. A
m. «Kupchino» / m. «Dunayskaya»

Contact information

Tamara Fedorovna Kapitonova

Deputy Director for curriculum and discipline of the School No. 365

+7 (812) 417-20-63