12:00 – 16:00 25 March
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Educational Robotics as a Resource for the Development of Engineering Competencies of Students

Pedagogical Conference. 1 day
Supplementary education

Educational robotics is an efficient tool for the development of the engineering mindset from an early age, the development of design, modeling, and programming skills. Robotics classes allow children to achieve high results in their learning, prepare for admission to technical universities or specialized secondary schools.

Participants of the conference will review the practices of using training opportunities of robotics in schools, institutions of supplementary education, in higher educational and specialized secondary institutions.

Within the conference, the work of the platforms is planned in the following areas:

  1. Issues of lifelong learning in the field of educational robotics.
  2. Methodological resource for the implementation of supplementary general education programs in the field of robotics.
  3. Integration of robotics into other subject areas of the educational process.
  4. Implementation of robotics programs using e-learning and remote educational technologies.
Forms of participation in the conference:
  • Presentation of the experience in the format of a poster presentation (10 minutes)
  • Presentation of the experience in the format of a workshop (20-25 minutes)


Target audience

Heads of educational organizations, teachers, specialists of methodological services, representatives of the scientific community, manufacturers of educational kits in robotics



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