11:00 – 15:00 24 March
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Development of Universal Cultural and Methodological Competence of a Gymnasium Student

Section 3. XVI All-Russian Scientific and Practical Gymnasium Conference. 1 day
General education

The best cultural and educational practices that contribute to the improvement of students' general knowledge and the ways of the implementation of the formed methodological competence in the educational space of the gymnasium will be presented at the event.

The following areas are reviewed:

  • methods, forms and conditions of interaction between culture and personality;
  • subject content as a way to improve students' general knowledge;
  • extracurricular activities and supplementary education as a space contributing to the formation of methodological competence;
  • social partnership as a way to expand educational space.


Target audience

Researchers, methodologists, subject teachers, supplementary education teachers



Gymnasium No. 446, Kolpinsky district, St. Petersburg


Kolpino, Zavodskoy prospekt, 18, korp. 2, lit. A
m. «Zvyozdnaya» / m. «Shushary»

Contact information

Igor Albertovich Lev

Director of the Gymnasium No. 446 of the Kolpinsky district


+7 (812) 481-33-94

Olga Aleksandrovna Koryagina

Deputy Director for curriculum and discipline


+7 (921) 975-75-49