10:00 – 12:30 24 March
  • On-line

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National Scientific and Practical Conference (online). 1 day
Supplementary education

The aim of the conference is to promote modern research and practices that ensure the availability and quality of education for students with special needs in various organizational and pedagogical environments.

Heads, teachers and specialists of educational institutions and pre-school educational institutions, centers of psychological and pedagogical, medical and social support, centers of social rehabilitation of disabled people and children with special needs, vocational education institutions, higher and supplementary professional education institutions, representatives of public organizations, parents (legal representatives) of children with special needs are invited to participate in the conference.

The following areas are discussed at the conference:

  • Modern teaching strategies for students with special needs (pre-school and school age). Implementation of the «Technology» subject area for students with special needs (methods of teaching «Technology», «Technology» as a part of extracurricular activities and supplementary education, implementing the inclusive education. Implementation of career guidance for students with special needs).
  • Provision of education for students with ASD (autism spectrum disorder). Social and cultural space of the city as an aspect of the socialization of students with special needs.
  • Collaboration and interaction forms available to the participants of the conference: plenary and breakout sessions, round table.
Meeting ID: 960-541-203



Contact information

Natalia Nikolaevna Yakovleva

Head of the Department of Special Needs Education, St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education


+7 (812) 709-82-95