12:00 – 13:00 24 March
  • On-line

Discussion «Education for quality of life»

Video session. 1 day
Main Programme

The premiere of the video session  «Education for the Quality of Life», specially made for demonstrating during the XI St. Petersburg International Educational Forum.

For the Russian school the key objective is to provide affordable and high-quality education. Therefore pedagogical and management practices are being actively transformed. There is no doubt that an education that allows a person to work successfully and ensure a decent quality of life can be considered as a high-quality education, as it gives tangible social effects.

In the movie teachers of St. Petersburg and experts will exchange views on the relationship between the child's education and the quality of his future life, as well as on the role of a modern teacher in ensuring the quality of education. The participants' attention will be focused on the identifying the features of the distance learning format.

There will be organized a chat on the Forum's website for 8 hours after the video session to give the possibility for discussion. The chat is moderated by experts and Forum speakers. The participants' questions will be used during special discussion in April 2021.

At the end of the event, the recording will be placed in the «Archive» section on the Forum's website.




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