12:00 – 13:00 23 March
  • On-line

Discussion «Education and Challenges of the Future»

Video session. 1 day
Main Programme

The premiere of the video session «Education and Challenges of the Future», specially made for demonstrating at the XI St. Petersburg International Educational Forum. 

The education system is rapidly transforming due to the influence of globalization. The study of changes in the structure and content of education in modern conditions has ceased to be the prerogative of pedagogical science alone. New knowledge about education systems is being expanded through the researches of philosophers, sociologists, economists, historians, cultural scientists and political scientists in different countries.

In the video, the heads of educational institutions will exchange views on the tasks of modern education and the challenges facing it. The discussion will address the issues of expanding the educational space based on the principle of «The сity as a classroom».

There will be organized a chat on the Forum website for 8 hours after the video session to give the possibility for discussion. The chat is moderated by experts and speakers of the Forum. The participants' questions will be used during special discussion in April 2021.

The movie will be available in the «Archive» section of the Forum's website from March 24, 2021.





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