Lenreserv Patriotic Association

Lenreserv Patriotic Association

Projects for Schoolchildren of St. Petersburg Initiated by Lenreserv Patriotic Association

In the exhibition space of Lenreserv, the staff of the complex organized excursions and history lessons for students of the city's schools. Guided excursions are conducted by trained volunteers from teachers, employees of cultural institutions. The training of children is organized according to the supplementary educational programme "School of Museum Studies".

Lenreserv Patriotic Association is a public non-profit organization, a private collection, the basis of which is a car collection, military equipment from the Second World War.

Lenreserv Patriotic Association opens the following opportunities for schools in St. Petersburg:
  • guided excursions;
  • lessons of history, history and culture of St. Petersburg;
  • classes with history teachers to improve professional development;
  • career guidance work with students: practical acquaintance with the professions of a tour guide, a museum worker, training in the guide school, experience of guiding tours;
  • participation of students in cultural events on the commemorative dates of the Great Patriotic War;
  • research and scientific project activities;
  • volunteer work.

Unique exhibits, competent design approach, professional team, and transport accessibility allowed us to create an educational space of citywide significance. Our classes not only improve the substantive results, but also leave a lasting impression in the soul, form a conscious and deeply felt image of the heroic and tragic days of the Blockade, the defence of Leningrad, without which it is unthinkable to raise a young citizen of Saint Petersburg.